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4050063387 Arrived 2018-10-05 41 Stacks Copyright reconstructed
5990371218 Arrived 2021-02-26 44 Stacks Copyright/Trademark interface
6526509747 Expected 2022-04-28 46 Stacks
6645652147 Arrived 2018-10-05 30 Stacks 2nd ed./Protection on geographic names in international alw and domain name system
7688817646 Arrived 2021-02-26 34 2020 Stacks Intellectual property law and human rights 4th ed.
9860124946 Arrived 2020-02-13 43 Stacks Pluralism or universalism in international copyright law
nbh121524 Arrived 2004-07-29 13 Stacks Copyright limitations & the three step test
nbh121525 Arrived 2004-07-29 14 Stacks Copyright & human rights freedom of expression-...
nbh121526 Arrived 2005-07-14 15 Stacks Controlling access to content-regulation conditional access...
nbh121527 Arrived 2006-09-07 16 Stacks Future of the public domain indentifying the commons
nbh121528 Arrived 2008-05-12 17 Stacks Public braodcasting and European law : a comparative examination of public service obligations in six member states
nbh121529 Arrived 2008-07-23 18 Stacks Intellectual property and human rights
nbh121530 Arrived 2009-11-02 19 Stacks Harmonizing European copyright law
nbh121531 Arrived 2010-06-28 20 Stacks The software interface between copyright and competiton law : a legal analysis of interoperability in computer programs.
nbh121532 Arrived 2010-12-03 21 Stacks Copyright enforcement and the internet.
nbh121533 Arrived 2011-02-11 22 Stacks Trademark protection and freedom of expression.
nbh121534 Arrived 2011-09-01 23 Stacks Formalities in copyright law an analysis of theri history,...
nbh121535 Arrived 2012-01-20 24 Stacks Property rights in personal data a European perspective
nbh121536 Arrived 2012-10-04 25 Stacks Copyright and the challenge of the new
nbh121537 Arrived 2013-02-19 26 Stacks Media pluralism and European law.
nbh121538 Arrived 2012-12-05 27 Stacks Search engine freedom on the implications of the right to freedom...
nbh121539 Arrived 2013-02-19 28 Stacks Digital consumers and the law : towards a cohesive European framework.
nbh121540 Arrived 2013-01-09 29 Stacks Codification of European copyright law challenges and perspectives
nbh121541 Arrived 2013-06-06 30 Stacks Protection of geographic names in international law and domain name system policy
nbh121542 Arrived 2014-07-01 31 Stacks The variable scope of the exclusive economic rights in copyright
nbh121544 Arrived 2015-09-11 34 Stacks Intellectual property law and human right/ 3rd ed.
nbh121545 Arrived 2016-05-10 35 Stacks New developments in EU and international copyright law
nbh121546 Arrived 2016-08-03 36 Stacks The inventiveness requirement in patent law : an expolration of its foundations and functioning.
nbh121547 Arrived 2016-09-09 37 2016 Stacks The internet and the emerging importance of new forms of intellectual property.
nbh121548 Arrived 2017-01-12 39 Stacks European intermediary liability in copyright a tort-based analysis
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