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Barcode Status Expected Date Vol. No. Cover Date Location Public Note
nbh121549 Arrived 2003-12-12 Stacks Administrative law
nbh121550 Arrived 2001-10-19 Stacks Chinese law and legal theory
nbh121551 Arrived 2004-01-08 Stacks Competition law
nbh121552 Arrived 2001-04-17 Stacks Corporate law
nbh121553 Arrived 2003-04-16 Stacks Environmental law
nbh121554 Arrived 2004-05-05 Stacks Human rights
nbh121555 Arrived 2003-12-12 Stacks International trade law
nbh121556 Arrived 2002-02-26 Stacks Japanese law : readings in the political economy of Japanese
nbh121557 Arrived 2003-12-05 Stacks Law and legal interpretation
nbh121558 Arrived 2001-09-04 Stacks Restitution
nbh121559 Arrived 2004-06-17 Stacks Anti-discrimination law (ordered as MONO. O280928x)
nbh121560 Arrived 2004-08-18 Stacks Restorative justice
nbh121561 Arrived 2004-07-07 Stacks Law and democracy
nbh121562 Arrived 2004-07-29 Stacks Criminal law
nbh121563 Arrived 2004-07-29 Stacks Tort law
nbh121564 Arrived 2004-07-29 Stacks Regulation
nbh121565 Arrived 2004-07-29 1 Stacks Sociological perspectives on law
nbh121566 Arrived 2004-07-29 2 Stacks Sociological perspectives on law
nbh121567 Arrived 2004-07-29 Stacks Law and anthropology
nbh121568 Arrived 2004-07-29 Stacks Medical law and ethics
nbh121569 Arrived 2004-07-29 Stacks Law and language
nbh121570 Arrived 2004-07-29 Stacks Constitutional law
nbh121571 Arrived 2004-07-29 Stacks Welfare law
nbh121572 Arrived 2004-07-29 Stacks Intellectual property
nbh121573 Arrived 2004-07-29 Stacks Legal postivism
nbh121574 Arrived 2004-11-15 Stacks Natural law
nbh121575 Arrived 2004-11-15 Stacks Law and Economics
nbh121576 Arrived 2004-12-09 1 Stacks Freedom of speech
nbh121577 Arrived 2004-12-09 2 Stacks Freedom of speech
nbh121578 Arrived 2004-12-09 Stacks Freedom of information
nbh121579 Arrived 2004-12-10 Stacks Justice
nbh121580 Arrived 2004-12-20 Stacks Gender and Justice
nbh121581 Arrived 2004-12-20 Stacks Mediation
nbh121582 Arrived 2005-05-06 Stacks Privacy
nbh121583 Arrived 2005-12-19 Stacks Seminal issues in mental health law
nbh121584 Arrived 2007-09-10 Stacks The ruleof law and the separation of powers
nbh121585 Arrived 2007-09-10 Stacks Constitutionalism and democracy
nbh121586 Arrived 2007-09-10 Stacks Relocating sovereignty
nbh121587 Arrived 2007-09-10 Stacks Law and morality
nbh121588 Arrived 2009-06-23 Stacks International law 2 vols.
nbh121589 Expected 2016-4-7 Stacks
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