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1041052478 Arrived 2018-12-13 76 Stacks Fidelity rebates in competiton law
1043089535 Arrived 2020-01-28 82 Stacks Private enforcement of European
1208109575 Arrived 2021-02-04 87 Stacks Regulating vertical agreements : a comparative law and economics review of the EU and Brazil
1258384723 Arrived 2019-12-16 79 Stacks Global competition enforcement new players, new challenges
2649161053 Arrived 2019-12-04 81 Stacks Criminal law principles and the enforcement of EU and national competition law
2872587913 Expected 2023-08-04 89 Stacks
3450797779 Arrived 2018-09-06 75 Stacks Patent settlements in the pharmaceutical industry under US antitrust and EU competition law
3922695861 Arrived 2019-12-16 80 Stacks Antitrust settlements how a simple agreement can drive the economy
3961136987 Arrived 2019-09-17 78 Stacks Merger control in the EU and Turkey
4344776514 Arrived 2019-02-05 77 Stacks The interplay between competition law and intellectual property an international perspective
5031965892 Arrived 2021-02-04 86 Stacks Competition, data and privacy in the digital economy
6261737454 Arrived 2019-10-16 37 Stacks Directory of EU case law on state aids/3rd ed.
8265772087 Arrived 2018-08-10 74 Stacks EU State aid control of infrastructure funding
8308870549 Arrived 2021-02-04 85 Stacks Mes Rea in EU antitrust law
8776776446 Arrived 2021-02-04 84 Stacks Leniency in EU competition law
8884949316 Arrived 2018-07-30 73 Stacks
8980384503 Arrived 2021-03-18 88 Stacks Information exchange between competitors in EU competition law
9038653587 Arrived 2020-03-05 83 Stacks Firm dominance in EU competiton law the competitive process and the origins of market power
nbh132298 Arrived 2008-01-02 13 Stacks A practical guide to national competition rules across Europe 2nd ed.
nbh132299 Arrived 2005-03-18 14 Stacks US and EC Oligopoly Control
nbh132300 Arrived 2005-03-18 15 Stacks The future developments of competition framework
nbh132301 Arrived 2005-08-31 16 Stacks State Aid policy in the European Community
nbh132302 Arrived 2008-12-18 16 Stacks State Aid Policy in the European Community, 2nd ed.
nbh132303 Arrived 2005-10-17 17 Stacks Economic analyses of vertical agreements a self-assessment
nbh132304 Arrived 2006-08-02 18 Stacks Unfair competiton law European union and member states
nbh132305 Arrived 2006-10-05 19 Stacks Mergers and acquisitions: the industrial organization perspective
nbh132306 Arrived 2006-10-05 20 Stacks EU Competition law and regulation in the converging telecommunications, media and IT sectors
nbh132307 Arrived 2006-10-05 21 Stacks EC Merger Control regulations: rights of defence
nbh132308 Arrived 2006-10-05 22 Stacks An international antitrust primer
nbh132309 Arrived 2017-12-01 22 Stacks An international antitrust primer 4E
nbh132310 Arrived 2006-10-05 23 Stacks A concise guide to the EU antipdumping/Anti-subsidies procedures
nbh132311 Arrived 2007-05-07 24 Stacks Civil procedrue used for enforcement of Ec competition law by the English, French U German civil courts
nbh132312 Arrived 2007-04-12 25 Stacks Private enforcement of EC competition law
nbh132313 Arrived 2007-07-24 26 Stacks Innovation and competition in the digital network economy
nbh132314 Arrived 2007-08-01 27 Stacks Japanese Anittrust Law Manual
nbh132315 Arrived 2007-09-24 28 Stacks Directory of EC Case Law on competition
nbh132316 Arrived 2017-08-03 28 Stacks Directory of EU case law on competition/ 2nd ed.
nbh132317 Arrived 2007-08-07 29 Stacks The effective application of EU state aid procedures the role of national law and practice
nbh132318 Arrived 2007-11-28 30 Stacks Tying and bundling as a leveraging conceren under EC competition law
nbh132319 Arrived 2007-10-04 31 Stacks Competition law and economics : advances in competition policy and antitrust enforcement
nbh132320 Arrived 2007-11-07 32 Stacks Competition and state aid
nbh132321 Arrived 2008-04-02 33 Stacks Article 234 and competition law an analysis
nbh132322 Arrived 2008-06-20 34 Stacks Liner shipping and EU competition law
nbh132323 Arrived 2008-07-18 35 Stacks Competition problems in liberalized telecommuinications
nbh132324 Arrived 2008-11-25 36 Stacks EC state aid law le droit des aides d'etat dans la CE
nbh132325 Arrived 2008-12-15 37 Stacks Directory of EC case law on state aids
nbh132326 Arrived 2016-06-22 37 Stacks Director of EU case law on state aids/ 2nd ed.
nbh132327 Arrived 2009-05-12 38 Stacks An institutional assessment of antitrust policy
nbh132328 Arrived 2009-06-23 39 Stacks The role of economic analysis in the EC competition rules.
nbh132329 Arrived 2016-05-27 39 Stacks the role of economic analysis in EU competition law : the European school/ 4th ed.
nbh132330 Arrived 2009-06-11 40 Stacks Competition law: safeguarding the consumer interest
nbh132331 Arrived 2010-01-07 41 Stacks The reform of EC competition law : new challenges.
nbh132332 Arrived 2010-06-03 42 Stacks Civil procedure in EU competition cases before the English & Dutch courts
nbh132333 Arrived 2010-06-18 43 Stacks The limits of competition policy the shortcomings of antitrust in developing and reforming economies
nbh132334 Arrived 2010-08-11 44 Stacks Does EU merger control discriminate against small market companies? Diagnosing the argument eith conclusions.
nbh132335 Arrived 2010-12-01 45 Stacks Identifying exclusionary abuses by dominat undertakings under EU competition law
nbh132336 Arrived 2011-03-15 46 Stacks Merger control regimes in emerging economies a case study on Brazil & Argentina
nbh132337 Arrived 2011-05-11 47 Stacks Structure and effects in EU competition law...
nbh132338 Arrived 2012-02-15 48 Stacks Merger decision and the rules of procedue of the European community courts
nbh132339 Arrived 2012-02-16 49 Stacks Antitrust law in Brazil : fighting cartels
nbh132340 Arrived 2012-05-03 50 Stacks Competition law and intellectual property a European perspective
nbh132341 Arrived 2012-09-11 51 Stacks Economic efficiency the sole concern of modern antitrust policy? nonefficiency...
nbh132342 Arrived 2012-10-01 52 Stacks Competition law and regulation of EU electronic communications sector a comparative legal approach
nbh132343 Arrived 2013-01-04 53 Stacks Landmark cases in competition law around the in fourteen stories
nbh132344 Arrived 2013-09-06 54 Stacks EU cartel enforcement reconciling effective public enforcement...
nbh132345 Arrived 2014-01-07 55 Stacks EU competition law between public and private enforcement
nbh132346 Arrived 2014-03-24 56 Stacks Competition law: comparative private enforcement and collective redress across the EU
nbh132347 Arrived 2014-07-24 57 Stacks The single economic entity doctrine and corporate group responsibility in European antitrust law
nbh132348 Arrived 2014-09-04 58 Stacks Competition law and standard essential patents
nbh132349 Arrived 2014-10-02 59 Stacks The interface between competition law, patents and technical standards
nbh132350 Arrived 2014-12-02 61 Stacks Competition law enforcement and compliance across the world
nbh132351 Arrived 2014-12-03 62 Stacks The substantive appraisal of joint ventrues under the EU merger control regime
nbh132352 Arrived 2015-06-29 63 Stacks Competition and state aid an analysis of the EU practice (2nd ed.)
nbh132353 Arrived 2015-12-17 64 Stacks The itnerplay between European and national competition law after regulation 1/2003 'United (Should) we stand?'
nbh132354 Arrived 2016-06-03 65 Stacks Competition and patent law in the pharmaceutical sector : an international perspective
nbh132355 Arrived 2016-06-03 66 Stacks The market economy investor test in EU state aid law : applicability and application
nbh132356 Arrived 2016-08-02 67 Stacks Trademarks and brands in merger control : an analysis of the European and Swiss legal orders.
nbh132357 Arrived 2016-11-07 68 Stacks EU competition law, data protection and online platforms : data as essential faculity
nbh132358 Arrived 2017-06-19 69 Stacks Exclusionary abuse after the post Danmark I Case : the role of the effects-based approach under article 102 TFEU
nbh132359 Arrived 2017-10-20 70 Stacks The EU leniency policy reconciling effectiveness and fairness
nbh132360 Arrived 2018-03-06 71 Stacks sixty years of EU state aid law and policy : analysis and assessment
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