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8508220242 Expected 2020-03-17 21 Stacks Patent Games in the Global South
nbh136101 Arrived 2004-05-11 1 2004 Stacks Basic legal instruments...(mono. 2823895)
nbh136102 Arrived 2005-10-13 2 2005 Stacks POWER TO PROTECT...1st SO vol.(Hein) please update all recs
nbh136103 Arrived 2006-02-14 3 2006 Stacks WTO, the Internet & Trade...
nbh136104 Arrived 2006-10-30 4 2006 Stacks Good faith in the jurisprudence of the WTO
nbh136105 Arrived 2007-02-23 5 2008 Stacks Globalisation and labour rights: the conflict between
nbh136106 Arrived 2006-10-30 6 2006 Stacks Constitutionalism, multilevel trade governance and social regulation
nbh136107 Arrived 2008-05-27 7 2008 Stacks Redefining Sovereignty in International economic law
nbh136108 Expected 8 Stacks World Trade Organization and human rights
nbh136109 Arrived 2006-10-31 9 Stacks Constitutionalism, multilevel trade governance and social regulation
nbh136110 Arrived 2007-08-20 10 2007 Stacks Human rights impact of the world trade organisation
nbh136111 Arrived 2010-09-02 11 Stacks Developing Countries and the Multilateral Trade Regime
nbh136112 Arrived 2012-03-20 13 Stacks The right to development and international economic law...
nbh136113 Arrived 2013-06-18 14 Stacks Free trae and cultural diversity in international law
nbh136114 Arrived 2013-11-13 15 Stacks Tied aid and development aid procurement in the framework of EU and WTO law : the imperative for change.
nbh136115 Arrived 2015-02-09 16 Stacks Balancing human rights, environmental protection and international trade Lesson from the EU experience
nbh136116 Arrived 2017-10-06 17 Stacks Public procurement and labour rights : towards coherence in the international ...
nbh136118 Arrived 2018-06-12 19 Stacks Regional economic integration and dispute settlement in East Asia : theevolving legal framework
nbhe002597 Expected 12 Stacks Development and economic law
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