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1629446308 Arrived 2019-08-29 Stacks Managing the risk of offshore oil and gas accidents
2763009663 Arrived 2021-08-02 Stacks The character of petroleum licences : a legal culture analysis.
2826461701 Arrived 2018-12-17 Stacks Petroleum resource management : how governments manage their offshore petroleum resources
4384082758 Arrived 2021-08-02 Stacks Animal welfare and international trade law : the impact of the WTO Seal Case.
7412262410 Expected 2022-02-02 Stacks
7615380659 Arrived 2021-08-03 Stacks Tax expenditures and environmental policy.
8665647044 Arrived 2019-06-27 Stacks Animal welfare and international enviornmental law
8951138972 Arrived 2019-02-04 Stacks Energy justice US and international perspectives
9075887339 Arrived 2020-01-29 Stacks Governing marine living resources in the polar regions
9708752510 Arrived 2019-08-29 Stacks Managing facts and feelings in environmental governance
nbh144397 Arrived 2005-08-29 2005 Stacks Whaling diplomacy
nbh144398 Arrived 2007-04-18 Stacks EU climate change policy
nbh144399 Arrived 2007-04-25 Stacks Environmental law in development
nbh144400 Arrived 2008-09-24 Stacks FInding solutions for environmental conflicts : power and negotiations
nbh144401 Arrived 2009-03-31 Stacks Climate change and European emissions trading : lessons for theory and practice.
nbh144402 Arrived 2010-02-18 Stacks The law and governance of water resources : the challenge of sustainability.
nbh144403 Arrived 2010-03-04 Stacks Climate law and developing countries : legal and policy challenges for the world economy.
nbh144404 Arrived 2011-06-02 Stacks Climate change liability.
nbh144405 Arrived 2011-08-25 Stacks Natural resource investment and Africa's development.
nbh144406 Arrived 2011-09-07 Stacks Myths and realities of business environmentalism : good works, good business or greenwash?
nbh144407 Arrived 2012-01-04 Stacks European emissions trading in practice : an economic analysis.
nbh144408 Arrived 2012-03-28 Stacks Conservation, biodiversity and international law.
nbh144409 Arrived 2012-08-22 Stacks Comparative ocean governance : place-based protections in an era of climate change.
nbh144410 Arrived 2012-12-05 Stacks Environmental governance of the great seas : law and effect.
nbh144411 Arrived 2012-12-12 Stacks Conservation on the high seas : harmonizing international regimes for the sustainable use of living resources.
nbh144412 Arrived 2013-01-23 Stacks Climate law in EU member states : towards national legislation for climate protection.
nbh144413 Arrived 2013-02-13 Stacks Global environmental governance : law and regulation for the 21st century.
nbh144414 Arrived 2013-04-16 Stacks Genetic resources, equity and international law.
nbh144415 Arrived 2013-04-16 Stacks International law and freshwater : the multiple challenges.
nbh144416 Arrived 2013-09-04 Stacks Energy for the 21st century : opportunities and challenges for liquifies natural gas (LNG).
nbh144417 Arrived 2014-05-06 Stacks Emissons trading design : a critical overview.
nbh144418 Arrived 2014-06-04 Stacks EU environmental legislation : legal perspectives on regulatory strategies.
nbh144419 Arrived 2014-07-18 Stacks The fragmentation of global climate governance : consequences and management of regime interactions.
nbh144420 Arrived 2014-07-23 Stacks Polar oceans governance in an era of environmental change.
nbh144421 Arrived 2015-04-21 Stacks Renewable energy law in the EU : legal perspectives on bottom-up approaches.
nbh144422 Arrived 2015-06-02 Stacks Environmental enforcement networks : concepts, implementation and effectiveness.
nbh144423 Arrived 2015-07-20 Stacks Regional environmental law : transregional comparative lessons in pursuit of sustainable development.
nbh144424 Arrived 2015-08-13 Stacks Regulation of the upstream petroleum sector : a comparative study of licensing and concession systems.
nbh144425 Arrived 2015-10-16 Stacks Earth governance : trusteeship of the global commons.
nbh144426 Arrived 2015-11-20 Stacks Waste policy : international regulation, comparative and contexrual perspectives.
nbh144427 Arrived 2016-05-27 Stacks shale gas and the future of energy : law and policy for sustainability
nbh144428 Arrived 2015-10-05 2015 Stacks Earth governance : trusteeship of the global commons
nbh144429 Arrived 2016-10-07 Stacks The privatisation of Biodiversity?
nbh144430 Arrived 2016-12-16 Stacks Aquaculture law and policy : global, regional and national perspectives
nbh144431 Arrived 2017-02-17 Stacks Earth governance trusteeship of the global commons
nbh144432 Arrived 2017-02-28 Stacks Charting the water regulatory future : issues, challenges and directions
nbh144433 Arrived 2017-11-29 Stacks Environmental border tax adjustments and international trade law : forstering enviornmental...
nbh144434 Arrived 2018-01-31 Stacks Paying the carbon price : the subsidisation of heavy polluters uders emissions trading schemes
nbh144435 Arrived 2018-03-01 Stacks shale gas, the environment and energy security : a nwe framework for...
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