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7423935173 Expected 2020-08-10 26 Stacks
8011973995 Arrived 2020-02-10 25 Stacks The independence of the international criminal court
nbh145100 Arrived 2007-05-08 1 Stacks Supranational criminal law : a system sui generis
nbh145101 Arrived 2008-05-08 2 Stacks Double jeopardy without parameters : re-characterisation in international criminal law
nbh145102 Arrived 2007-05-08 3 Stacks Harmonization of criminal law in Europe
nbh145103 Arrived 2007-06-11 4 Stacks Sentencing and sanctioning in supranational criminal law
nbh145104 Arrived 2008-01-22 5 Stacks Application of international humanitarian and human rights law to the armed conflicts of the Sudan: complementary or mutually exclusive regimes?
nbh145105 Arrived 2008-08-04 6 Stacks Supranational criminology : towards a criminology of international crimes
nbh145106 Arrived 2010-08-13 7 Stacks Individual criminal liability for the international crime of aggression.
nbh145107 Arrived 2011-03-01 8 Stacks Collective violence and international criminal justice : b an interdisciplinary approach
nbh145108 Arrived 2011-06-01 9 Stacks International Criminal Law from a Swedish Perspective
nbh145109 Arrived 2011-05-11 10 Stacks The Implementation of the European Arrest Warrant in the European Union: law, policy and practice
nbh145110 Arrived 2012-06-11 11 Stacks The principle of mutal recognition in coopration in crimnal matters
nbh145111 Arrived 2012-03-21 12 Stacks The European public prosecutors office...
nbh145112 Arrived 2012-03-05 13 Stacks Victimological Approaches to International Crimes : Africa.
nbh145113 Arrived 2013-04-02 14 Stacks The United States and internaitonal criminal tribunals : an introduction.
nbh145114 Arrived 2013-06-26 15 Stacks EU sanctions: law and policy issues concerning restrictive measures
nbh145115 Arrived 2013-10-17 16 Stacks Whose responsibility? A study of transnational defense rights...
nbh145116 Arrived 2014-04-30 17 Stacks Genocidal gender and sexual violence : the legacy of the ICTR, Rwanda's ordinary courts and gacaca courts.
nbh145117 Arrived 2015-08-13 18 Stacks Addressing the international destruction of the environment during warfare under the Rome statute of the International Criminal Court.
nbh145118 Arrived 2016-02-09 19 2015 Stacks Individual criminal liability for the internationzal crime of aggression.
nbh145119 Arrived 2017-09-21 20 Stacks Selective enforcement and international criminal law
nbh145120 Arrived 2016-12-02 21 Stacks The Governance of Complementary Global Regimes and the Pursuit of Human Security : the interaction between the United Nations and the International Criminal Court
nbh145121 Arrived 2017-02-01 22 Stacks The rationality of dictators : towards a more effective implementation of the responsibility to protect
nbh145122 Arrived 2017-10-04 23 Stacks Extended confiscation in criminal law...
nbh145123 Arrived 2018-12-17 24 Stacks Convergences and divergences between international human rights, international humanitaria...
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